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Dear Karine, the corpus that you talked about (in Payame Noor University of Yazd) is actually the one which is available in ELRA. There is also another parallel corpus entitled PEN, developed by myself. It is not still publicly available, but I'm going to publish it. In the following paper you can find some information about it: Mohammad Amin Farajian (2011). PEN: Parallel English-Persian News Corpus<http://world-comp.org/p2011/ICA4953.pdf>. Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'11), Nevada, USA.

There are some other researchers (Dr. khadivi in Amirkabir University, Dr. Faili in University of Tehran, Dr. Analoui in Iran University of Science and Technology) and research centers (ITRC and SCICT) in Iran which are working on SMT and are building some parallel corpora, but as I know their corpora are not available yet.

Best regards, Amin

On 12/18/2012 03:33 PM, Megerdoomian, Karine wrote:

I haven’t seen any other parallel English-Persian corpora besides the ones already mentioned below. However, I have heard about a corpus being developed by the English department at Payame Noor University in Yazd, Iran. You may want to contact them. Here’s the info online: http://www.eurac.edu/it/newsevents/focus/Newsdetails.html?entryid=22181****

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“Our developmental English-Persian parallel corpus consists of about *three million words* (more than 50,000 corresponding sentences in two languages). This is a kind of ongoing corpus, that is, an open corpus in which more material can be added as the need arises.”****

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Hi Khamesi

According to this website

http://opus.lingfil.uu.se/ There are 3 freely available parallel corpora for persian-english:




I've noticed other people, especially in Tehran, are also working on MT and collect data, eg.


Kind Regards Hieu


On 12 December 2012 21:15, Khamesi Fahime <khamesi_fahime at yahoo.com> wrote:* ***

Hi, I am student of Linguistics in Iran and i am working on English to Persian statistical machine translation .****

unfortunately I haven't found any EN-PER corpus except TEP and ELRA .****

There are many restrictions in Iran(boycott) for ordering ELRA . I appreciate if u can help me in this respect.****

I am looking forward to your reply.****

Best regards,****


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