[Corpora-List] Resource available: Spanish Emotion Lexicon

Grigori Sidorov sidorov at cic.ipn.mx
Mon Dec 3 06:17:31 CET 2012

Spanish Emotion Lexicon (SEL) contains 2,036 words in Spanish that are associated with the measure of Probability Factor of Affective use (PFA) with respect to at least one basic emotion: joy, anger, fear, sadness, surprise, and disgust. It was marked manually by 19 annotators (scale: null, low, medium, high) and certain thresholds on agreement were implemented. Example of the results, see the table. It means that, say, for the word abundancia (abundance), 50% of annotators chose “medium” and 50% chose “high” values.

Word Null[%] Low[%] Medium[%] High[%]

abundancia (abundance) 0 0 50 50

aceptable (acceptable) 0 20 80 0

acallar (to silence) 50 40 10 0

A new measure for each word is proposed: Probability Factor of Affective use (PFA). It is based on the percentages presented in the table. Note that PFA is 1 if 100% of annotators relate it to the “high” value of the association with the emotion, and it is 0 if 100% of annotators relate it to the “null” value. So, intuitively it has very clear meaning: the higher the value of the PFA is, the more probable the association of the word with the emotion is. Example of SEL word list:

Palabra PFA Categoría abundancia 0.83 Alegría acabalar 0.396 Alegría acallar 0.198 Alegría

Very brief description of SEL (other paper is submitted) is presented in: Grigori Sidorov, Sabino Miranda-Jiménez, Francisco Viveros-Jiménez, Alexander Gelbukh, Noé Castro-Sánchez, Francisco Velásquez, Ismael Díaz-Rangel, Sergio Suárez-Guerra, Alejandro Treviño, and Juan Gordon. Empirical Study of Opinion Mining in Spanish Tweets. LNAI 7630, 2012, pp 1-14.

The corpus can be download from http://www.cic.ipn.mx/~sidorov

Sincerely, Grigori Sidorov

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