[Corpora-List] Request from a nonmember

Mira Ariel mariel at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Aug 6 13:52:28 CEST 2012

Dear Corpora users,

The following inquiry is made on behalf of two colleagues of mine:

We are working on the interpretation of pitch accent placement in Hebrew and in English. We use constructed examples and ask speakers for judgments, but we would also like very much to study naturally-occurring conversations. It would be extremely useful to us if we could have access to a corpus of recorded naturally-occurring conversations in American English, with

transcriptions of the data, including transcription of the intonation, preferably using ToBI.

If someone could direct us to a corpus we could use, we would be very grateful.

Nirit Kadmon and Aldo Sevi

kadmon at post.tau.ac.il

Thanks in advance,

Mira Ariel

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