[Corpora-List] Open Source Morphology for Fr, It, Es, De

DJamé Seddah djame.seddah at free.fr
Wed Apr 25 17:53:49 CEST 2012

Hey, there's also morfette (Chrupala et al, 2008)

it has been sucessfully tested on many languages ( french, italian, spanish, some slavic languages, etc...) From the website (http://sites.google.com/site/morfetteweb/ ) "Morfette is a tool for supervised learning of inflectional morphology. Given a corpus of sentences annotated with lemmas and morphological labels, and optionally a lexicon, morfette learns how to morphologically analyse new sentences.

In the learning stage Morfette fits two separate logistic regression models: one for morphological tagging and one for lemmatization. The predictions of the models are combined dynamically and produce a globally plausible sequence of morphological-tag - lemma pairs for a sentence."


Address = {Marrakech, Morocco},

Author = {Chrupa{\l}a, Grzegorz and Dinu, Georgiana and van Genabith, Josef},

Booktitle = {In Proceedings of LREC 2008},

Organization = {ELDA/ELRA},

Title = {Learning Morphology with Morfette},

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Best, Djamé

Le 25 avr. 2012 à 10:13, Adam Kilgarriff a écrit :

> Dear all,
> We are looking for open source morphological lexicons (or processors with
> high-accuracy morphology inside) for French, Italian, Spanish, German,
> which support the production of <word form, lemma> pairs (inflectional
> morphology only). All leads gratefully received. (We're aware of
> freeling.)
> Thank you
> Adam
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