[Corpora-List] Open Source Morphology for Fr, It, Es, De

Géraldine Walther geraldine.walther at linguist.jussieu.fr
Wed Apr 25 13:42:59 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Among the Alexina lexica (to which the Lefff belongs), you'll also find a couple of lexica for other languages than French, including the Leffe for Spanish.

Just have a look at the Alexina project's webpage: http://alexina.gforge.inria.fr/

Best, Géraldine

On Apr 25, 2012, at 10:18 , Francis Tyers wrote:

> El dc 25 de 04 de 2012 a les 09:13 +0100, en/na Adam Kilgarriff va
> escriure:
>> Dear all,
>> We are looking for open source morphological lexicons (or processors
>> with high-accuracy morphology inside) for French, Italian, Spanish,
>> German, which support the production of <word form, lemma> pairs
>> (inflectional morphology only). All leads gratefully
>> received. (We're aware of freeling.)
> Hi,
> Apertium has some stuff, but probably not with as high coverage as
> FreeLing or the lexicons that follow:
> There is Morph-IT: http://dev.sslmit.unibo.it/linguistics/morph-it.php
> And Lefff: http://alpage.inria.fr/~sagot/lefff-en.html
> Not sure if there is anything better than FreeLing for Spanish.
> For German there is http://code.google.com/p/morphisto/ although the
> actual lexicon is -NC (e.g. open-source, but not free software).
> I think that the Morph-IT was used in building FreeLing, so it might be
> that you just have the same information twice there.
> If you'd like more information about what is in Apertium, email me
> off-list. (Explaining how to get it could be reasonably verbose).
> Regards,
> Fran
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