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Arne Skjærholt arnsholt at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 13:49:26 CEST 2012

> My question may be very simple and I am very sorry for bothering you; but
> I have heard about morphological analyzers made on the basis of xfst modules
> (so called Xerox Finite State Platform), as I have seen the Book of Finite
> State Morphology with a software distributed by PARC can be used for this
> purposes, but at the same time fst - can be considered as a tool using its
> own language. So, Is it possible to integrate transducers created in this
> program in the other program made for example in C or C++? and if so, does
> it need additional permission or license?
There's a C API to XFST. I can't remember the licence off-hand, but I think it's the same as for the tools in general. Go to the software page on fsmbook.com (which I can't link to because of the licence =), and download the "libraries and API" archive for your platform from there.

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