[Corpora-List] Second call for papers: The Fourth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC-2012)

Pierre Nugues Pierre.Nugues at cs.lth.se
Thu Apr 19 17:21:29 CEST 2012

====================================================== SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS The Fourth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC-2012) Lund, Sweden, October (24)-25-26, 2012 http://nlp.cs.lth.se/events/sltc_2012/ ======================================================

The Fourth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC-2012) will be held in Lund, October 25-26, 2012, organized by Lund University, (LTH and SOL), with support from the Swedish Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT). The SLTC program committee invites two types of contributions to the conference:

• Papers (Deadline: August 27, 2012)

• Workshop proposals (Deadline: June 4, 2012)

********************************* PAPERS: ********************************* -- CONTENT: Papers are invited on all aspects of language technology, including natural language processing, speech technology, and relevant neighboring areas. Papers can describe completed or ongoing research, as well as practical applications of language technology, and may be combined with system demonstrations. -- FORMAT: Papers will be presented at the conference either as posters or as oral presentations and will be published as extended abstracts. -- SUBMISSION: Papers should be submitted as extended abstracts (max. 2 pages) using the style files available on the conference website: http://nlp.cs.lth.se/events/sltc_2012/. -- DEADLINE: The deadline for submission is August 27, 2012. -- REVIEW: Papers will be reviewed by the program committee. Authors will be notified September 14, 2012.

********************************* WORKSHOPS: ********************************* -- CONTENT: Workshops are invited on any theme relevant to language technology, including applications, best practice, theoretical foundations, and its relation to neighboring disciplines. -- FORMAT: Workshops will be devoted up to two hours of the conference program, possibly in parallel with other activities. The exact format is decided by the workshop organizers. -- SUBMISSION: Workshop proposals should be submitted by e-mail to sltc2012 at cs.lth.se. The e-mail message should contain the following information:

• Name of the workshop;

• Full list of organizers;

• Short description of the workshop theme and intended audience;

• Short description of the workshop organization:

• Will there be a call for papers or only invited presentations?

• Will there be regular talks, posters, panels, discussions, or what?

• Will there be published proceedings?

• Duration of the workshop (normally 1 or 2 hours). -- DEADLINE: The deadline for submission is June 4, 2012. -- REVIEW: Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the program committee. Proposers will be notified June 14, 2012.

********************************* COLLOCATED SEMINAR ********************************* SLTC-2012 will be collocated with a Nordic Seminar on speech recognition organized by ASTIN (The workgroup for Language Technology in the Nordic Countries) on October 24-25: http://www.dsn.dk/tale/.

********************************* ORGANIZING COMMITTEE ********************************* Pierre Nugues, Anders Ardö, Jonas Granfeldt, Marcus Uneson, Caroline Willners, Jonas Wisbrant.

********************************* CONTACT: sltc2012 at cs.lth.se *********************************

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