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Study of Mechanism and Effect (VDOSME-2012)

DEADLINE EXTENDED to April 30th (Firm): ICBO 2012 workshop - Vaccine and Drug Ontology in the Study of Mechanism and Effect (VDOSME-2012) July 21st 2012, Graz, Austria


Vaccines and drugs have contributed to dramatic improvements in public health worldwide. Over the last decade, there have been efforts in biomedical ontology that represent various areas associated with vaccines and drugs and which join existing health and clinical terminology systems (e.g., SNOMED, RxNorm, NDF-RT, and MedDRA) in their application to research and clinical data.

The "Vaccine and Drug Ontology in the Study of Mechanism and Effect" (VDOSME 2012) workshop will provide a platform for discussing problems and solutions in the development and application of biomedical ontologies to representing and analyzing vaccines/drugs, vaccine/drug administrations, vaccine/drug-induced immune responses, and similar topics. The workshop will cover:

Ontology Coverage: Ontologies of vaccines, of drugs, and of studies thereof. Scope of Interest: Representations and analyses of vaccine and drug formation and preparation, administration, mechanisms, and effects based on such ontologies.

Examples of biomedical subject matter in the scope of this workshop: vaccine/drug components (e.g., vaccine antigens, drug active ingredients, and adjuvants), administration details (e.g., dosage, administration route, and frequency), gene immune responses and pathways, drug-drug or drug-food interactions. We will also focus on computational methods used to study these, for example, literature mining of vaccine/drug-gene interaction networks, meta-analysis of host immune responses, and time event analysis of vaccine/drug effects.

All workshop attendees will be expected, at the workshop, to present either descriptions of their work or to articulate a position. In addition a number of participants will be selected to lead interactive sessions on focused topics.

*** Submission Guidelines *** Full papers must describe novel ontology-related research, not previously been published and not submitted to other conferences. Short papers describe research results which are more preliminary or communicate brief position statements. We also invite full length application-oriented papers, to showcase the development of novel and successful applications utilizing ontologies and knowledge-based technologies.

The maximum allowed page lengths of contributions are as follows.

Full paper submission: 5 pages, due Apr 30 (Firm), 2012 Short paper submission: 3 pages, due Apr 30 (Firm), 2012 Statement of interest: 1-2 pages, due Apr 30 (Firm), 2012

*** Journal Publication *** All full-length papers accepted in this workshop will be invited to extend the workshop papers and be included in a special issue in the Joural of Biomedical Semantics. We believe that the eventual inclusion of accepted full-length publication in the special issue will stimulate more submissions of high quality manuscripts.

*** Contact *** If you have any question or which to enquire about the workshop, please contact us at organizers-vdosme2012 at googlegroups.com.

*** Chairs *** Yongqun łOliver˛ He, University of Michigan Luca Toldo, Merck KGaA Gully Burns, Information Sciences Institute Cui Tao, Mayo Clinic Darrell R. Abernethy, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

*** Program committee (PC) Members *** Richard Boyce, University of Pittsburgh Lindsay Cowell, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dingcheng Li, Mayo Clinic Asiyah Yu Lin, University of Michigan Bjoen Peters, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology Sira Sarntivijai, University of Michigan/US FDA Nigam Shah, Stanford University Sunghwan Sohn, Mayo Clinic Larisa Soldatova, Aberystwyth University Stephen Wu, Mayo Clinic Qian Zhu, Mayo Clinic

More information is available at: http://kr-med.org/icbofois2012/vdosme/submission.htm

A related workshop in ICBO 2012: Workshop Name: Methods for adverse events representation Ontology and Information Model URL: http://kr-med.org/icbofois2012/adverse_events/


Yongqun "Oliver" He, DVM, PhD Associate Professor Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics University of Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Email: yongqunh at med.umich.edu Tel: 734-615-8231 (O) http://www.hegroup.org/

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