[Corpora-List] corpora of grammatical errors

Cerstin Mahlow cerstin.mahlow at unibas.ch
Mon Apr 16 12:17:06 CEST 2012

Dear Anabela,

Zitat von Anabela Barreiro:

> I am looking for public corpora containing sentences with grammatical errors.
> I plan to use the corpora as input to grammar checking and
> correction routines.
> The corpora can be in English or romance languages. I appreciate any
> indication of where I can find those corpora. Thank you!

It's not exactly the language you are looking for, but:

For my dissertation I collected more than 200 ungrammatical sentences in German from published sources (newspapers, books, advertisements, letters, etc.). Ungrammatical here means:

- errors concerning agreement - wrong word order - duplicate or missing words

We are about to release this resource as an annotated corpus -- at the moment I could sent you the sentences together with a comment each (concerning the error and a potential correct version of this sentence).

Best regards


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