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I agree a video with narration would be easier to follow than ppt. My NLP/CL course website includes simple instructions for students:

"... Make a SHORT (1-2 minutes) video on this topic. An easy way to do this is: make a short PowerPoint presentation; Save as JPG (save each slide as a separate file); in MS Movie Maker, load the slides as a sequence of still images; add audio narration; Save movie to your desktop. If you prefer, you can use other methods to make the movie. Register a Youtube account; upload the movie to Youtube ..."

See example videos at: http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/ai32/

Eric Atwell, Leeds University

On Sun, 8 Apr 2012, Justin Washtell wrote:

> Hi Alexander,
> Your system certainly looks interesting, but I can't understand what it does (except that it was used for EmoText).
> Perhaps you could release a version that includes an introduction and audio commentary?
> Regards,
> Justin Washtell
> University of Leeds
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> Hello,
> I habe published a small Powerpoint presentation (6 slides) with a set of snapshots of my framework for experimentation and rapid prototyping. You might be interested in it:
> http://socioware.de/6slides_framework_english.ppt
> Best
> Alexander Osherenko
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