[Corpora-List] Metaphors, Music and Charity with The Grantholders

Mijail Kabadjov mkabad at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 11:10:22 CEST 2012

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Dear Corpora-List,

Now that the Linguist List fund drive is complete (congrats to all, hope all experienced the pleasure of donating to a good cause ;-)) I'd like to draw your attention to the debut album of The Grantholders, 33+, with music & lyrics written by a (non-prominent) NLP practitioner:


(a percentage of CD sales will go to Linguist List, Corpora List and others, see list here http://www.thegrantholders.com/charity.html)

After listening to the CD, a gorgeous middle-aged lady from Birmingham (UK), linguist by formation and a colleague, commented: -- "I liked the lyrics, not sure about the singing."

I just love female... frankness! :-)


* On FM Radio: European Edition of "No Pigenholes" radio hosted by Don Campau from Cupertino (CA).


* On MySpace:


(Also, on YouTube & iTunes, search for "The Grantholders")

I would love to hear your comments, frank and dry, the more the merrier. Essentially, feel free to trash me!

Thanks for reading!

Mijail Kabadjov, proud contributor to the Linguist List fund drive 2012:

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