[Corpora-List] describing languages as [link]-[sem]-[morphsyn] tripplets...

John F. Sowa sowa at bestweb.net
Tue Jan 11 00:02:13 CET 2011

On 1/9/2011 3:05 PM, Rich Cooper wrote:
> is there somewhere I can find [Masterman's] 100 concept types
> and the 15,000 entries?

Following is a review I wrote of a volume of Margaret Masterman's collected papers, edited by Yorick Wilks:


Review of _Language, Cohesion and Form_

You can buy the paperback from Amazon for $24.90, or you can browse the Google books version for free.

Yorick adopted Masterman's primitives as a basis for his early version of preference semantics. Following is a paper he wrote on that topic in 1975:


Primitives and Words

But that is over 35 years old. Following is a list of his more recent publications:


> The requirement for proper interpretation is that each of the
> N words be defined in terms of some others, or said word be
> individually interpretable, in a way that fits the quirks
> and angles of the English language as used by a young person,
> with little world knowledge other than what has been directly
> experienced.

Children don't start with primitives. They start with complex concepts like Mommy, doggie, cookie, and gimme. The so-called primitives are the result of analysis by adults who have learned how to write dissertations about language.

I believe there are no primitives that are truly primitive in the sense that they cannot be analyzed in different ways by different adults with different biases.


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