[Corpora-List] ACM TiiS Special Issue: Common Sense for Interactive Systems

Catherine Havasi havasi at mit.edu
Thu Apr 21 04:32:19 CEST 2011

ACM TiiS special issue on Common Sense for Interactive Systems

Call for Papers

Special Issue of the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems on COMMON SENSE FOR INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS

Main submission deadline: April 27th, 2011



Ideally, computers should be able to interact with users at a higher level than they do now, by understanding our goals, our problems, and the social procedures by which we live. But to do so, they must have access to a wealth of information about the world that we take for granted: common sense knowledge, or world knowledge.

Common sense knowledge can give rise to a richer user experience with a wide variety of interactive systems, from recommenders to storytelling platforms.

Since everyone possesses common sense knowledge, volunteers represent a significant source of common sense for computers. A well-designed intelligent user interface can guide a volunteer in a subjectively rewarding way to add the knowledge that is most needed.

Alternatively, world knowledge may be provided by a domain expert, or a game or story world may be created by an artist; in these cases, an interface must be designed to pass this knowledge from the expert to a common sense knowledge base.

This special issue aims to advance understanding of both sides of this symbiotic relationship: How can common sense enable computers to understand and serve their human users better? How can interfaces effectively support the elicitation of common sense knowledge?


Using common sense to understand and predict users' ...  -  intentions, preferences,  -  goals, plans,  -  context, affect,  -  beliefs, ...

Exploiting common sense for ...  -  adaptation of interfaces  -  debugging  -  interpreting data about users  -  "sanity checking"  -  robustly dealing with unusual situations  - ...

Leveraging common sense in systems ...  -  with goal-oriented interfaces  -  for story understanding and generation  -  for open-world gaming  -  for recommendation  -  for text understanding  - ...

Design of intelligent interfaces for elicitation of common sense knowledge ...  -  from experts  -  from nonexpert users  -  using games  -  ...


- Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab, U.S.A. - Catherine Havasi, MIT Media Lab, U.S.A.  (contact: havasi[at]media[dot]mit[dot]edu)


- By April 27th, 2011: Submission of manuscripts - By July 27th, 2011: Notification about decisions on initial  submissions - By October 26th, 2011: Submission of revised manuscripts - By January 11th, 2012: Notification about decisions on revised  manuscripts - By February 1st, 2012: Submission of manuscripts with final  minor changes - Starting March, 2012: Publication of the special issue on the TiiS  website, in the ACM Digital Library, and (shortly afterward) as a  printed issue


Manuscripts will be submitted via the ScholarOne Manuscripts site of the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS). All necessary information will be found in the instructions for authors at tiis.acm.org.


TiiS (pronounced "T double-eye S") is a new ACM journal for research concerning interactive systems that make use of some form of machine intelligence. TiiS's editorial workflow and infrastructure include innovations designed to ensure journal quality at conference speed.  For detailed information, see tiis.acm.org.

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