[Corpora-List] AntConc 3.2.2 released for Windows and Mac OS X

William Fletcher fletcher at usna.edu
Wed Apr 13 15:47:09 CEST 2011

One way to avoid the problem of assigning different ranks to items with the same frequency is to use "shared ranks" instead, so that all items with the same frequency have the same rank.

Shared rank is the mean of the lowest index (=position in list) and the highest index of items with the same frequency.

In Michal's example all items would have the rank 500.5 (1 + 1000) / 2

Bill Fletcher

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>Congratulations, Laurence
>Just an observation -- I believe that lists in Antconc, like
>WordSmith, do not attempt to supply rankings in frequency
lists since as
>Michal points out words with equal rankings get different
>Instead the numbers merely reflect the item's position in the
>which may vary according to details of the sort system.
>Cheers -- Mike
>On 13/04/2011 03:46, Michal Ptaszynski wrote:
>> Great news Laurence,
>> I have two issues that haven't been either noticed or
perhaps required
>> in Antconc.
>> The first is that Antconc does not read files with file
>> containing 2-bite characters (even after changing the
encoding in
>> Global Settings). Since you work in Japan, didn't you have
>> problems with that?
>> The second is calculating ranks of words. I noticed that
words that
>> have the same occurrence (hit-rate) have subsequent ranks
>> probably comes from alphabetical sorting). This means that
if there is
>> 1000 words of only 1 occurrence per each, the word starting
with "Aa"
>> will have rank = 1, and word starting with "Zz" will have
rank = 1000,
>> although statistically they should be of the same rank.
>> Do you consider the above as issues or is it irrelevant in
your research?
>> Best,
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>> Temat: [Corpora-List] AntConc 3.2.2 released for Windows
and Mac OS X
>> Dear Corpora Members,
>> I'm happy to announce a new version of the freeware
software AntConc
>> (3.2.2) for all versions of Windows and Macintosh OS X
(tested on OS X
>> 10.4.11):
>> http://www.antlab.sci.waseda.ac.jp/software.html
>> I created this a few years back but did not release it
>> because I had a few initial reports that it did not launch
>> I've tested it for the past few months without problems, so
I hope you
>> all find it useful.
>> I've also started a dedicated AntConc discussion list,
which I
>> encourage users to join:
>> http://groups.google.com/group/antconc
>> Best wishes,
>> Laurence Anthony
>> Center for English Language Education in Science and
Engineering (CELESE)
>> Waseda University, Japan
>> http://www.antlab.sci.waseda.ac.jp/
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