[Corpora-List] Ethical review of spoken corpus collection

Geoffrey Sampson grs2 at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Apr 11 21:40:44 CEST 2011

Following up my last, responding specifically to John Du Bois's suggestion that publishing one's speech corpus, and saying in advance that one is going to do so, solves the problem: I can't see that it does. Suppose (to take an actual example from BNC) that you have a couple of teenage girls chatting informally, and saying that one of their schoolmates (not participating in the conversation, but identifiable from various clues) behaves like a whore. The speakers might be happy to sign your release form for publication; does that make the implications for the other girl all right? Maybe, under US law, you would be legally safe; you certainly would not be under European law, and although it goes against the grain to say anything good about the European Union, in this case I think it has a point.

Geoffrey Sampson

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