[Corpora-List] All English Text Messaging Corpus?

Benjamin Allison ballison at staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 11 17:40:44 CEST 2011

I suspect at least part of the confusion is that, for me, text message is synonymous with SMS. I think it also is for the people complaining about spam. I think (hope) those proposing all manner of things that look wildly unrelated to SMS are just taking text message to be literally a message in the medium of text.

Perhaps the author of the original message could clarify to prevent more chaos?


Quoting Trevor Jenkins <trevor.jenkins at suneidesis.com> on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:23:43 +0000 (GMT):

> On Mon, 11 Apr 2011, Vivian Tsang <vyctsang at cs.toronto.edu> wrote:
>> Shrug. I'm writing to support the argument against Rich. Patent claims
>> > have nothing to with text messaging; they're entirely different. If I
>> > asked for information about cookbooks and recipes and someone
>> steered me to
>> > their collection of movie reviews, I wouldn't find that helpful at all.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> But the original request was for text message corpus that is *not* "a
>> collection of someone's personal (and/or family/friends') messages."
> WikiLeaks has a corpus of text messages sent over a 24 hour period on
> September 11th 2001.
>> Are text messaging ever not a collection of personal messages?
> Some of the WikiLeaks 9/11 corpus are clearly very personal. But there are
> also many texts included that are automated system status messages. The
> automated responses provide an insight into the sequence of when systems
> failed or being unusable during that day.
> Regards, Trevor
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