[Corpora-List] Post-Doctoral Researcher (Machine Translation) Vacancy

Fiona Maguire CNGL fiona.maguire at computing.dcu.ie
Tue May 4 16:15:50 CEST 2010


* *

*Post-Doctoral Researcher (Machine Translation)***

*(Temporary contract to March 2013)*

* *

The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) is a DCU-led Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded Centre for Science Engineering and Technology directed by Prof. Josef van Genabith. CNGL is a €30M collaborative research centre that involves Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University of Limerick, and nine industrial partners who include world leaders in their respective fields.

*/Our work is guided by the vision of enabling people to interact with content, products and services in their own language, according to their own culture, and according to their own personal needs./*

CNGL is now in the process of expanding its research base through new projects funded from a variety of sources (e.g. EU FP7, Enterprise Ireland, etc.).

Given the award of the EU-funded project PLUTO (Patent Language Translation Online), we wish to recruit a Post-Doctoral Researcher on a fixed term contract basis to work in the area of *Machine Translation* focused on cross-language search and translation of patent and other Intellectual Property material.

*Duties and Responsibilities*

* *

* The post-holder will be responsible for the specification, design

and evaluation of system components and configurations for DCU's

MATREX machine translation framework for use in the multi-partner

PLUTO research project targeted at deploying novel search and

translation technologies in a specific document domain (patents).

* He / she will work at the interface of both Translation Memory

(TM) and Machine Translation (MT) systems and with both

statistical and hybrid rules-based MT systems. **

* He / she will work closely within the DCU team of researchers and

software developers and with other partners at various academic

and commercial locations around Europe to deliver on the specified

programme of research and development, leading to commercial

deployment of a system for cross-language patent search and

translation. The post-holder will also have the benefit of

interaction with the wider CNGL research team, including the

significant body of researchers working on Language Technology and

Machine Translation at CNGL.**

Experience and Skills Required

The post-holder must possess a research Doctoral degree in multilingual language technologies, preferably directly related to Machine Translation, or a related discipline. Research and/or industrial experience in multilingual language technologies, in particular Machine Translation, or related discipline is required. We are also seeking somebody who can demonstrate:

* Ability to carry out focused research projects to set timelines

* Excellent communication and teamworking skills.

* Experience in software development related to Machine Translation

systems would be a distinct advantage.

* Some knowledge of additional European languages would provide an


* *

The PLUTO project is a development-oriented project, where the aim is to develop existing Machine Translation technology toward commercial deployment, rather than a basic research project aiming to advance the state of the art in MT algorithms. The candidate should therefore have a preference for a career path in applied research and advanced technology development rather than basic research.

*Closing date:* 7 May 2010

*Salary scales: *€37,750 - €46,255

/[Subject to external funding]/*//*

*Application forms are available from: *

Human Resources Department, Dublin City University, Dublin 9.

Tel: +353 (0)1 700 5149 Fax: +353 (0)1 700 5500

E-mail: hr.applications at dcu.ie <mailto:hr.applications at dcu.ie>

*/ /*

*/Dublin/**/ City University/**/ is an equal opportunities employer/***


CNGL Finance Administrator

Tel : +353 1 7006708 Fax : +353 1 7006702

Email :fmaguire at computing.dcu.ie

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