[Corpora-List] Second HAREM's new resources

Claudia Freitas claudiafreitas at puc-rio.br
Thu May 6 14:55:07 CEST 2010

Linguateca, http://www.linguateca.pt, an international network for resources and evaluation for the Portuguese language, is pleased to announce the release of a larger and better version of Second HAREM resources.

HAREM, http://www.linguateca.pt/HAREM/, is an evaluation contest for named entity recognition in Portugueese, and in Second HAREM it also featured a track for relation detection between named entities.

As is the policy of Linguateca, all resources are publicly available, and we have thus just completed the LAMPADA 2.0, a resource package that is available from http://www.linguateca.pt/HAREM/PacoteRecursosSegundoHAREM.zip, with documentation in Portuguese and in English.

Compared to LAMPADA 1.0 released last October, it features the complete annotation of the relations in the corpus (as opposed to just a subset), as well as these in a triple format similar to the one of PAPEL, http://www.linguateca.pt/PAPEL/, a lexical ontology for Portuguese also relased by Linguateca.

We hope this can be a valuable resource to the international community and not only to those concerned with Portuguese.

For the Linguateca team,

ClŠudia Freitas

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