[Corpora-List] LX-Center: new online linguistic services for Portuguese

Patricia Nunes patricia.nunes at di.fc.ul.pt
Mon Apr 26 17:08:18 CEST 2010

Dear all,

This is to announce the availability of a new version of the LX-Center: http://lxcenter.di.fc.ul.pt

This is a center of linguistic services for the Portuguese language. These services are provided online to help foster the education, research and development in the area of natural language science and technology.

This version has a new layout and extends the previous version by including the following new services:

- constituency parser (LX-Parser) http://lxcenter.di.fc.ul.pt/services/en/LXServicesParser.html

- dependency parser (LX-DepParser) http://lxcenter.di.fc.ul.pt/services/en/LXServicesParserDep.html

- CINTIL-Treebank searcher http://lxcenter.di.fc.ul.pt/services/en/LXServicesSearcher.html

Best regards,

Patricia Gonçalves on behalf of the NLX team: http://nlx.di.fc.ul.pt

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