[Corpora-List] 10 fold cross validation vs. leave one out

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I had a case pretty similar to Emad's, I think whenever you do sequence classification (NER, POS-tag, vowels restoration, segmentation) leaving one out just doesn't work.

Best, --Yassine.

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>> Subject: [Corpora-List] Leave-one out  vs. 10-fold cross validation
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>> Hello to everyone,
>> I just wanted to ask whether anyone is aware of any formal reasons (e.g.
>> error distribution, decreased validity of results) for opting for 10-fold
>> cross validation instead of leave-one out, apart from the obvious reason
>> that it is more efficient and less time-consuming.
>> My 2 cents thought is that leave-one seems more realistic in the sense
>> that
>> if the overall aim of a system is to provide the best classification for
>> new
>> examples in an "application environment" given some training data, one
>> would
>> naturally train it on the largest possible training subset.
>> Thank you for your responses.
>> Best regards,
>> George
> HI George,
> I will not answer your question, but will provide a case where leave one out
> did not work for me. When I worked with Arabic vowel restoration, the
> classification had to be done at the letter level, but the evaluation had to
> be reported at the word level. Also, there were several settings in which
> the per letter accuracy did not correlate with the per word accuracy. In
> some case, you just don't have the choice.
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