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Linguistic Data Consortium has created detailed guidelines for manual word alignment in Chinese-English and Arabic-English, for the DARPA GALE program. Corpora developed under these guidelines will be published in LDC's catalog in the coming months.




We will also present two papers on our word alignment efforts at LREC 2010, which should be available in the proceedings and on LDC's website.

Enriching Word Alignment with Linguistic Tags - Xuansong Li, Niyu Ge, Stephen Grimes, Stephanie Strassel and Kazuaki Maeda

Creating Arabic-English Parallel Word-Aligned Treebank Corpora at LDC - Stephen Grimes, Xuansong Li, Ann Bies, Seth Kulick, Xiaoyi Ma and Stephanie Strassel

Nitin Madnani wrote:
> There has been work on creating gold-standard alignments. See the following:
> (1) The annotation style guide for the Blinker project by Dan Melamed.
> Even though this was written for the purpose of creating
> English-French alignments using the Blinker tool, some of the
> guidelines still carry over to the general case.
> http://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1054&context=ircs_reports
> (2) Annotation guidelines for creating paraphrase alignments by
> Callison-Burch, Cohn and Lapata. Even though this guide is to help
> create alignments between sentences in the same language (English), it
> might still be useful.
> http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/~tcohn/paraphrase_guidelines.pdf
> (3) A more comprehensive collection of word alignment guidelines can
> be found on Rada Mihalcea's web page:
> http://www.cse.unt.edu/~rada/wa/#guidelinesWA
> Cheers,
> Nitin
> On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 1:20 AM, mohnish jadwani <mohnishgj at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Respected Readers,
>> The need to create a Gold Standard Alignment of vital importance when one
>> has to evaluate results of bilingual corpus given to word alignment tools
>> like Giza++. This Gold Standard Alignment( Test Data ) as many of us know
>> serves as a reference against which one can evaluate the results obtained
>> using the Training data. For the creation of this test data which is a
>> subset of the Training Data, when one goes about it manually, an individual
>> comes across lot of variations with respect source and target languages
>> while aligning words for e.g
>> 1# 5 # does(1) he(2) go(3) home(4) ?(5) # 4 2 4 3 0
>> 1# 5 # क्या(1) वह(2) घर(3) जाता(4) है(5) #
>> 0 2 4 3 0
>> the word "does" maps to 'ता' of 'जाता'
>> There are many such careful considerations one has to keep in mind while
>> going about creation of Gold Standard Alignment.
>> Could you please suggest me any basic guidelines( if not
>> English-Hindi language specific ) that one could follow while going about
>> this, any reference paper or advice would be of great help.
>> Thanking You
>> Mohnish
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