[Corpora-List] Call for participation: Grammar & Corpora 2009

Holger Keibel keibel at ids-mannheim.de
Fri Jun 19 18:05:20 CEST 2009

Registration now open at http://www.ids-mannheim.de/aktuell/kolloquien/gac2009/registration.html


Call for Participation


3rd International Conference

22-24 September 2009

IDS (Institute for the German Language)

Mannheim, Germany


CONFERENCE SCOPE: (1) Corpus-based grammar research in Germanic, Romance, and

Slavic languages (2) Theoretical and methodological issues in corpus-linguistic

grammar research

A look at corpus-based grammar research in German, English or the Romance and Slavic languages shows that not only are there very different theoretical stances in these various traditions but also different empirical focal points of research. The conference organisers feel that this state of affairs should not be seen as an obstacle but as the starting point for fruitful trans-disciplinary discussions. The confrontation of philological traditions, empirical description, theory, computational linguistics and corpus linguistics provides opportunities to further a critical but constructive dialogue.

The issues involved will be the focus of several invited keynote speeches (see below) as well as two sections and a poster session. The conference languages are English and German.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Douglas Biber (University of Northern Arizona) Mirjam Fried (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) Françoise Gadet (Université Paris X - Nanterre) Sylviane Granger (Université catholique de Louvain) Bruno Strecker (IDS Mannheim)

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME: http://www.ids-mannheim.de/aktuell/kolloquien/gac2009/programme.html

REGISTRATION: http://www.ids-mannheim.de/aktuell/kolloquien/gac2009/registration.html

The conference is organised by the Institute for the German Language in Mannheim (Marek Konopka, Jacqueline Kubczak, and Ulrich H. Waßner) where a new corpus-based grammar of German focusing on variation is being prepared, and by the University of Freiburg (Christian Mair).

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