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CALICO is pleased to announce the publication of Vol. 26, No. 3, of the CALICO Journal (May 2009), cf. https://calico.org/page.php?id=5 This is a special issue edited by Detmar Meurers:

"On the Automatic Analysis of Learner Language"


* On the Automatic Analysis of Learner Language:

Introduction to the Special Issue.

- W. Detmar Meurers

* Judging Grammaticality: Experiments in Sentence Classification.

- Joachim Wagner, Jennifer Foster & Josef van Genabith

* Using Statistical Techniques and Web Search to Correct ESL Errors.

- Michael Gamon, Claudia Leacock, Chris Brockett, William B. Dolan,

Jianfeng Gao, Dmitriy Belenko & Alexandre Klementiev

* Automatic Detection of Preposition Errors in Learner Writing.

- Rachele De Felice & Stephen Pulman

* Annotation of Korean Learner Corpora for Particle Error Detection.

- Sun-Hee Lee, Seok Bae Jang & Sang-Kyu Seo

* Modifying Corpus Annotation to Support the Analysis of

Learner Language.

- Markus Dickinson & Chong Min Lee

* Robo-Sensei's NLP-Based Error Detection and Feedback Generation.

- Noriko Nagata

* Little Things With Big Effects: On the Identification and

Interpretation of Tokens for Error Diagnosis in ICALL.

- Luiz A. Amaral & W. Detmar Meurers

* Mastering Overdetection and Underdetection in Learner-Answer

Processing: Simple Techniques for Analysis and Diagnosis.

- Alexia Blanchard, Olivier Kraif & Claude Ponton

* TechWriter: An Evolving System for Writing Assistance for Advanced

Learners of English.

- Diane M. Napolitano & Amanda Stent

* Computing Accurate Grammatical Feedback in a Virtual Writing

Conference for German-Speaking Elementary-School Children:

An Approach Based on Natural Language Generation.

- Karin Harbusch, Gergana Itsova, Ulrich Koch & Christine Kühner

* Annotation and Analyses of Temporal Aspects of Spoken Fluency.

- Heather Hilton

* Construction of a Rated Speech Corpus of L2 Learners' Spontaneous


- Su-Youn Yoon, Lisa Pierce, Amanda Huensch, Eric Juul, Samantha

Perkins, Richard Sproat & Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

* Review of En una palabra, Córdoba, Argentina:

A CD-ROM for Exploring Culture in Spanish.

- Cristina Pardo Ballester

* Review of Genders: French Vocabulary Software, version 1.0.

- Lawrence Williams

* Review of Jé K'Á So Yorůbá, Jé K'Á Ka Yorůbá, and Jé K'Á Gbó Yorůbá

- Olúsčye Adésolá

* Review of Methods of Language Teaching.

- Lara Ducate

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