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Last Call for Papers

DEADLINE 20th June 2009 (0:00 GMT+2)

Workshop on: Multilingual resources, technologies and evaluation for Balkan and Slavic languages

- associated with the RANLP 2009 (http://lml.bas.bg/ranlp2009/)-

17 September 2009, Borovets, Bulgaria

Workshop page: http://www.c-phil.uni-hamburg.de/view/Main/RanlpBalkan09

The economical and political changes during the last years in Europe have led to a major shift of activities in the language technology area. On one side the access for all citizens to global information has become a real demand, on the other side the specific European context with a big number of national and minority languages and the exponential number of documents appearing every day, makes this desiderata a real challenge.

Language Processing is now seen as the main technology being able to give people access to information (no matter where it was produced) in their own languages. Despite important developments, the infrastructure in terms of languages resources (data and tools) for less spoken languages , (especially Balkan and Slavic languages) are still far behind the achieved standard for major west European ones.

As most part of the current LT-Applications rely on data-driven methods, one major drawback in the development of language resources for these languages is the lack of training and evaluation data , as well as reference systems for comparing results. Well-known corpora like JRC-ACQUIS and OPUS, although a significant step forward,: - still do not cover all languages in Balkan area - are collection of documents in specialised language and therefore decrease the performance of systems trained on this data when testing on other domains and registers. In order to shorten this bottleneck, it is necessary to develop, promote and make available data which can be used for training and evaluation. In addition, it is important to know which systems have been developed for which applications, on which data were tested and with which evaluation results.

The aim of the current workshop is to make a first step in this direction. We encourage submission of original, unpublished work related to Balkan and Slavic languages in the following areas: - data-set profiling for Balkan and Slavic languages - development of multilingual resources (parallel and comparable corpora, lexica, etc) - multilingual and cross-lingual applications (IR, IE) - machine translation - evaluation of machine translation and cross-lingual IR/IE systems - evaluation protocols and measures - usage of language independent models for the considered languages

Submissions will be made through the START System of the main conference at


no later that June 20th (0:00 GMT+2),

and should follow the formatting instructions specified on http://lml.bas.bg/ranlp2009/ under "Submission Info". Submissions should be ANONYMOUS and should not be longer as 8 A4-pages (full article).

For further information pleae contact Cristina Vertan at:

vertan AT informatik DOT informatik DOT uni-hamburg DOT de

Important Dates ==================

Paper Submission 20 June 2009

Notification of Acceptance 20 July 2009

Submission of final papers 13 August 2009

Organisers ============ Elena Paskaleva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Stelios Piperidis (ILSP, Greece) Milena Slavcheva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Cristina Vertan (University of Hamburg)

Programme committee (already confirmed) ====================== Tomaz Erjavec (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) Maria Gavrilidou (ILSP, Greece) Walther v. Hahn (University of Hamburg) Cvetana Krstev (University of Belgrad) Vladislav Kubon (Chales university Prague) Petya Osenova (University of Sofia, Bulgaria) Elena Paskaleva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Stelios Piperidis (ILSP, Greece) Gabor Proszeky (Morphologic, Hungary) Adam Przepi¨rkowski (IPAN, Polish Academy of Sciences) Milena Slavcheva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Marco Tadic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Dan Tufis (Romanian Academy of Sciences) Cristina Vertan (University of Hamburg) Dusko Vitas (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Dr. Cristina Vertan University of Hamburg / Department of Computer Science Natural Language Systems Division Vogt-K÷lln Strasse 30 22527 Hamburg Germany

phone: +4940428832519 / + 4940428384767 fax: +4940428832515


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