[Corpora-List] Call for Participation: Towards an Empirical Theory of Translation

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****************************************************** Call for Participation

International Symposium

Towards an Empirical Theory of Translation

31 July - 1 August 2009 Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany



*Invited Speakers* Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen Juliane House Arnt Lykke Jakobsen Stig Johansson Christian Matthiessen Elke Teich Gideon Toury

*Motivation* The symposium marks the end of the project "CroCo - Cross-linguistic corpora: linguistic properties of translations - a corpus-based investigation for the language pair English-German" and is intended to identify research perspectives leading onwards from the topic of this project. It brings together scholars representing different perspectives that share an empirical view on the study of translations and contrastive linguistics.

Questions to be discussed during the symposium include, but are not limited to

- In what sense is an empirical theory of translation desirable and possible? - If so, how should this theory be characterised? - Which aspects should it cover? - Will it comprise universal features of translated texts? - Which research methods (including which types of data) can provide the insight required to formulate a general theory? - Which existing findings pave the way towards such a theory? - Which are essential features of a methodologically motivated dialogue between translation studies, contrastive/comparative linguistics and studies of language contact and change? - ...

We would like to invite you to participate in this event and to be part of a lively discussion (talks will be by invitation only).

*Organising Committee* Peggy Daut Silvia Hansen-Schirra Stella Neumann Erich Steiner

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