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Please circulate.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Symposium Towards A Transliteration Standard of Arabic: Challenges and Solutions Abu Dhabi, UAE, 15-16 December 2009   Arabic proper names of individuals, locations, cities, as well as titles of books, or any quotation from Arabic texts are transliterated in Latin script in different ways. Presentation of Arabic letters is realized in different forms that usually lead to confusion and multiplicity of versions and even failing to identify identity. For example,  محمدis written inter alia as Muhammad, Muhamed, Mohamed, and Mohammed. How can we differentiate between علاء and آلاء, or عامر and أمير when they are transliterated? They can be written in very similar, if not identical, forms. There is a need to improve the quality of our communication; effective and efficient communication is one of the prerequisites for excellence. Moreover, individuals may face unnecessary inconveniences, at certain points, simply because their names are transliterated/pronounced in different ways, e.g., when cashing a check, who is ِAlaa Amir? Is it علاء عامر,

آلاء عامر, آلاء أمير, or علاء أمير?   There are some transliteration systems that are used around the world to write Arabic proper nouns and words in Latin letters using different representations, but there is no one unified standard used to transliterate Arabic names. A standard based on straightforward rules with clear representation is now needed more than ever. You are invited to submit papers that investigate the different aspects of this issue and propose solutions. Papers on transliteration software and demos are also welcome. Please submit an abstract (200-300 words) outlining the main points that will be dealt with in your paper. Papers should address the following areas:   1.       Historical developments and transliteration systems. 2.       Problems and challenges that transliteration of Arabic names face. 3.    Solutions viable for those problems and challenges. 4.    Laws and governmental guidelines and rules regarding transliteration. 5.       Transliteration criteria. Is there a standard or standards? What are the essential characteristics of the transliteration standard? 6.       How Arabic language academies have dealt with transliteration. 7.       The experiences of other languages in transliteration. 8.       Software that carry out transliteration automatically, the standard they adopt, and the rules used in those software.   Aim The symposium aims at developing a transliteration standard to be used in writing Arabic proper names in particular and any other quotations from Arabic in general. The symposium recommendations will be presented to concerned governmental and nongovernmental organizations.   Target participants/audience (1)      Researchers and professionals in the fields of languages and linguistics, translation, natural language processing and related areas. (2)      Organizations, both public and private, which have name databases that deal with transliteration in their business and will benefit from the standard.   Languages of the symposium: Arabic and English   Time: presenters will have 20 minutes and 10 minutes for discussion.   Proceedings: papers will be published in the proceedings.   Symposium Committee Dr Abdulrahamn Al-Hashemi (Advisor, Corporate Learning & Development. National Drilling Company) Dr Sattar Izwaini (American University of Sharjah)   Deadlines 1 July 2009: submission of abstracts or expression of intention to attend 1 ِAugust 2009: notification of acceptance and providing feedback 1 October 2009: submitting papers 15 November 2009: providing feedback 1 December 2009: submitting the final version of papers 15-16 December 2009: Symposium   Abstracts and full papers are to be sent to BOTH Dr Abdulrahamn Al-Hashemi a.alhashemi at ioe.ae  and Dr Sattar Izwaini sizwaini at aus.edu   Organizers & sponsors Abu Dhabi International Center for Organizational Excellence (ADICOE) Emirates Quality Association   Venue: Abu Dhabi City, UAE. Exact venue to be announced.   For more information contact   Dr Abdulrahamn Al-Hashemi a.alhashemi at ioe.ae Telephone: (+971 2) 698 33 99   Dr Sattar Izwaini sizwaini at aus.edu    

Sattar Izwaini, PhD Assistant Professor of Translation Dept. of Arabic & Translation Studies College of Arts & Sciences American University of Sharjah  

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