[Corpora-List] Tagging with synsets?

German Rigau german.rigau at ehu.es
Tue Jun 2 12:51:25 CEST 2009

Tony Berber Sardinha wrote:
> Dear all
> Thanks for the thread and for this summary.
> I installed freeling, which looks great, but its tags are numerical
> sense codes, for which I can't find an explanation. For example, in
> the sentence 'General Motors is beginning its reinvention', the verb
> 'beginning' is tagged as 00239960. I'd like to know what this tag
> means. Thanks ahead for any pointers.
00239960 corresponds to the WordNet 1.6 verbal offset of the synset: begin_1 get_35 start_out_1 start_1 set_about_3 set_out_1 commence_1 take the first step or steps in carrying out an action: We began working at dawn; Who will start? Get working as soon as the sun rises!;

However, the current version of Freeling only assigns the first sense according to the WordNet sense ranking. Thus, Freeling is not performing a proper Word Sense Disambiguation process.

>> Thank you for all replies on this, which I summarize:
>> • FreeLing http://garraf.epsevg.upc.es/freeling/ (Francis Tyers)
>> (compiled application)

... and the person behind Freeling is Lluís Padró <padro at lsi.upc.edu> ... ;-)



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