[Corpora-List] Announcement: MultiWordNet of Portuguese 1.0

Antonio Branco Antonio.Branco at di.fc.ul.pt
Wed Jun 3 11:37:10 CEST 2009


We are pleased to announce the MWN.PT-MultiWordNet of Portuguese 1.0, which can be browsed at http://mwnpt.di.fc.ul.pt

This wordnet spans over 17,200 manually validated concepts/synsets, that are made of over 21,000 word senses/word forms and 16,000 lemmas from both European and American variants of Portuguese. This concepts are aligned with the translationally equivalent concepts of the English Princeton WordNet and, transitively, of the MultiWordNets of Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian and Latin.

For further details, including information on its distribution, see: http://mwnpt.di.fc.ul.pt/features.html


António Branco .................... University of Lisbon

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