[Corpora-List] History of POS tagging

Diana Santos Diana.Santos at sintef.no
Fri Feb 27 17:27:00 CET 2009

Before I get more answers to my question

>> the first instance of POS tagger in the
>> literature was Ken
>> Church's, as a first step towards full parsing of English.

let me note that if I had read with enough attention Stig Johansson's contribution to the Corpus Linguistics: An International Handbook, I would have had plenty of material in his section 6.1 Part-of-speech tagging ...

So the current winner is:

Greene, Barbara B. & Gerald M. Rubin. "Automated Grammatical Tagging of English". Providence, R.I.: Department of Linguistics, Brown University. 1971.

I am still interested in earlier documents/papers/reports if they exist, in any language!

Thanks again Diana

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