[Corpora-List] POS-tagger maintenance and improvement

Adam Kilgarriff adam at lexmasterclass.com
Wed Feb 25 12:15:35 CET 2009


My lexicography colleagues and I use POS-tagged corpora all the time, every day, and very frequently spot systematic errors. (This is for a range of languages, but particularly English.) We would dearly like to be in a dialogue with the developers of the POS-tagger and/or the relevant language models so the tagger+model could be improved in response to our feedback. (We have been using standard models rather than training our own.) However it seems, for the taggers and language models we use (mainly TreeTagger, also CLAWS) and also for other market leaders, all of which seem to be from Universities, the developers have little motivation for continuing the improvement of their tagger, since incremental improvements do not make for good research papers, so there is nowhere for our feedback to go, nor any real prospect of these taggers/models improving.

Am I too pessimistic? Are there ways of improving language models other than developing bigger and better training corpora - not an exercise we have the resources to invest in? Are there commercial taggers I should be considering (as, in the commercial world, there is motivation for incremental improvements and responding to customer feedback)? Responses and ideas most welcome

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