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could anyone tell me about the ftp address to download this resources?


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> ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update
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> ELRA is happy to announce that 1 new Speech Resource is now available in
> its catalogue:
> *
> **ELRA-S0296 FBK-Irst database of isolated meeting-room acoustic events*This database has been produced within the CHIL Project (Computers in the
> Human Interaction Loop), in the framework of an Integrated Project (IP
> 506909) under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme. It
> contains a set of isolated acoustic events that occur in a meeting room
> environment and that were recorded for the CHIL Acoustic Event Detection
> (AED) task. The database can be used as training material for AED algorithms
> in quiet environments without temporal sound overlapping. The database
> contains 16 semantic classes of acoustic events. 9 people participated at
> the recordings. 3 experiments were recorded in different days, each one
> composed by 4 sessions and executed by 4 persons.
> The database is made available freely via FTP only. For more information,
> see: http://catalog.elra.info/product_info.php?products_id=1093
> For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli
> mailto:mapelli at elda.org <mapelli at elda.org>
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> Visit the Universal Catalogue: http://universal.elra.info
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