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21 - 23 October 2009 - Saint-RaphaŽl, France † Invitation to Exhibit at IPWARE SUMMIT 2009 † We are pleased to announce that signing up for exhibition at the IPWARE SUMMIT 2009 (www.ipware-summit.com) is now open. † IPWARE SUMMIT 2009 is a conference and exhibition focusing on any type of software which can be used to process Intellectual Property data. The conference has four main focus areas: † ∑††††††††† Administrative software for IP (a.o. case handling, renewals and annual fees, cost calculation) for as well IP professionals as for the IP owners † ∑††††††††† Patent translation and patent composition software (a.o. machine translation, computer aided translation, patent claims composition) † ∑††††††††† Patent text software (a.o. indexing, text search, text summarization) † ∑††††††††† IP Management software (a.o. portfolio mining, IP valuation) † The IPWARE Summit offers an Exhibitors Package to allow vendors and developers of software for processing Intellectual Property to demonstrate their products and services as well in a dedicated exhibition area as at conference sessions. † The exhibition package includes 1.††††† Exhibition opportunity during the entire conference. 2.††††† Exhibition areas available in slots of 3 m x 2 m. 3.††††† Additional exhibition areas in slots of 3 m x 2 m can be ordered at a reduced price. 4.††††† WIFI access to the Internet will be provided. 5.††††† You will be offered a 10 minute presentation slot in the conference programme 6.††††† Company or product recognition will appear on the IPWARE SUMMIT website and conference programme. 7.††††† Company profile and link (where applicable) between the IPWARE SUMMIT website and the exhibitor website can be provided. 8.      One (1) booth manager will be permitted to attend all IPWARE SUMMIT sessions and up to three (3) booth assistants will be permitted to attend all IPWARE SUMMIT sessions at a reduced fee (€795.00). 9.      The price of this Package is: €1,600.00 if signing up before 15. June 2009. After that date the package price will be €1,800.00. Additional exhibition space can be ordered for a price of €800 per additional 3 m x 2 m slot. Exhibition packages are sold on first come first service basis. To sign up simply use the following link † Exhibition opportunities and how to sign up as exhibitior - click here † which will take you directly to the sign up page. † † Conference Organizers† † † Viggo Hansen -†fm. President of Zacco A/S, Denmark

† Svetlana Sheremetyeva - PhD, President, LanA Consulting ApS , Denmark †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Adjunct professor, Copenhagen Business School † Contact email exhibition at ipware-summit.com Contact address † 835, Bd. Alphonse Juin F-83700 Saint-Raphael France † †

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