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*Workshops in Lexicography and Lexical Computing*

Mexico City, Mexico, 24-28 February 2009


Co-located with CICLING-09 http://www.cicling.org/2009


Brno, Czech Republic, 15-19 June 2009


Led by Adam Kilgarriff (both events), Liz Walter (Mexico), Michael Rundell (Brno) and Sue Atkins (Brno), this is an intensive five-day workshop, with seminars on theoretical issues alternating with practical sessions at the computer. There will be some parallel 'lexicographic' and 'computational' sessions.

Topics to be covered include:

* corpus creation

* corpus analysis:

o software and corpus querying

o discovering word senses, recording contextual information

* preparing word sketches

* writing entries for dictionaries and lexicons

* dictionary databases and writing systems

* using web data

Applications are invited from people with interests and experience in any of these areas.

Over the last eight years Lexicom workshops (in Europe and in Asia) have attracted 250 participants from 32 countries, including lexicographers, computational linguists, professors, research students, translators, terminologists, and editors, managers and technical support staff from dictionary publishers and information-management companies.

To register, go to:

http://nlp.fi.muni.cz/lexicom2009-americas or


Early registration for Brno is advised. The workshop has been oversubscribed in previous years.

Further details, including draft programme and reports of past events can be found at: http://www.lexmasterclass.com

Sue Atkins*, Michael Rundell*, Adam Kilgarriff*, Liz Walter+

*The Lexicography MasterClass

+Cambridge Lexicography and Language Services

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