[Corpora-List] Software release: UKB, Graph Based Word Sense Disambiguation and Similarity

Aitor Soroa Etxabe a.soroa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 14:57:04 CET 2009

Dear list members,

we are pleased to announce the public release of version 0.1.0 of UKB, a collection of programs for performing graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation and lexical similarity/relatedness using a pre-existing lknowledge base.

UKB has been developed by the IXA group <http://ixa.si.ehu.es> in the University of the Basque Country. UKB applies the so-called Personalized PageRank on a Lexical Knowledge Base (LKB) to rank the vertices of the LKB and thus perform disambiguation. The details of the method are described in [1]. The algorithm can also be used to calculate lexical similarity/relatedness of words/sentences. See [2] for an application of UKB on word similarity.

The software can be downloaded from:



Eneko Agirre Aitor Soroa

Ixa research group http://ixa.si.ehu.es



[1] Eneko Agirre and Aitor Soroa. 2009. Personalizing PageRank for Word Sense Disambiguation. Proceedings of the 12th conference of the European chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL-2009). Athens, Greece. (PDF <https://ixa.si.ehu.es/Ixa/Argitalpenak/Artikuluak/1233561923/publikoak/ukb_eacl09.pdf>)

[2] Eneko Agirre, Enrique Alfonseca, Keith Hall, Jana Kravalova, Marius Pasca and Aitor Soroa. 2009. A Study on Similarity and Relatedness Using Distributional and WordNet-based Approaches. Proceedings of NAACL-HLT 09. Boulder, Colorado. (Forthcoming)

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