[Corpora-List] a corpus of recent German youth language??

Roman Klinger roman.klinger
Thu Apr 23 15:10:56 CEST 2009


Herrmann, J.B. wrote:
> [...] I am also interested in using the web as a corpus - does
> anybody know of a way of filtering for youth language?

I would use a forum/newsgroup/chat system for young people. And if "web" does not need to be www: you could e.g. log an IRC chatroom. This is technically easy because there are command line tools available so that you could pipe the traffic into a file.

If you are not used to IRC, I remember the IRCNet to be a network with a lot of well visited channels. A starting point could be http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=IRCnet

But: IRC is not representative for normal use of language ;-).



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