[Corpora-List] Text mining/analytics survey

Seth Grimes grimes
Wed Apr 15 15:37:36 CEST 2009

I'm conducting a text-analytics study, looking at how organizations use the technology, the information they're analyzing, what they look for in solutions, and ROI. I will present findings in a free report that will benchmark text-analytics usage as well as perceptions about the technology and solutions.

If you're a current text-analytics/mining user -- or if you're still looking for ways to tame text -- please take part in the survey at http://altaplana.com/TAsurvey .

Thanks very much,


-- Seth Grimes Alta Plana Corp, analytical computing & data management

Intelligent Enterprise (TechWeb), Contributing Editor grimes at altaplana.com http://altaplana.com +1 301-270-0795

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