[Corpora-List] Bulgarian Dialect Workshop, Groningen, 13 June 2009

J. Prokic j.prokic
Tue Apr 14 14:16:46 CEST 2009


Bulgarian Dialect Workshop

June 13, 2009

University of Groningen, The Netherlands



Bulgarian Dialect Workshop will be held in Groningen, the Netherlands, on June 13th, 2009. This workshop will be held as the final meeting in the project Buldialect--Measuring Linguistic Unity and Diversity in Europe. It is a joint work between the University of Tübingen, University of Groningen and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences whose goal is to develop different dialectometrical techniques and apply them to the Bulgarian dialect data. The aim of the workshop is to present to the public methods developed during the project and to discuss results obtained by applying those novel methods to the phonetic and lexical dialectological data.

Invited speakers:

Ronelle Alexander, professor of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley: "Bulgarian Dialects in the Context of South Slavic Dialectology"

Jack Chambers, professor of linguistics at the University of Toronto: "Dialect Continua and Discontinuities"

More information can be found on the website of the workshop: http://www.let.rug.nl/~buldialect/

Local organizers: Jelena Prokic and John Nerbonne

Contact: j.prokic at rug.nl

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