[Corpora-List] Celtic language machine translation

Francis Tyers ftyers
Thu Apr 9 09:13:03 CEST 2009

Dear corpora-list members,

I would be interested in receiving information/references about any articles/reports/papers/etc. on the subject of machine translation for Celtic languages. The ones I am aware of are:

* cy-en (2001) John D. Phillips: "The Bible as a Basis for Machine Translation". PACL. * kw-en (2003) Paul R. Bowden "Building a Lexicon for a Kernewek MT System" TALN * cy-en (2004) Harold Somers: "Machine Translation and Welsh: The Way Forward; Cyfieithu Peirianyddol a?r Gymraeg: Y Ffordd Ymlaen". Report for the Welsh Language Board. * ga-gd (2006) Kevin P. Scannell: "Machine translation for closely related language pairs". LREC-2006. pp.103-107. * cy-en (2006) Dafydd Jones & Andreas Eisele: "Phrase-based statistical machine translation between English and Welsh". LREC-2006. pp.75-77. [PDF, 54KB] * cy-en (2009) Francis M. Tyers & Kevin Donnelly: "apertium-cy: a collaboratively-developed RBMT system for Welsh to English". PBML 91, 2009; pp.57-66.

Please email me off list and I will put together a summary and send it in.

Best regards,

Francis Tyers

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