[Corpora-List] how developing a lexicon

Eros Zanchetta eros.zanchetta
Sun Apr 5 13:17:54 CEST 2009

Dear Farhad,

if you're building a lexicon from scratch, you might be interested in the paper:

Eros Zanchetta and Marco Baroni (2005) Morph-it! A free corpus-based morphological resource for the Italian language, proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2005, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK (http://sslmit.unibo.it/~eros/downloads/Morph-it.pdf).

It describes a method for the rapid creation of a lexicon using a mixture of corpus based techniques and manual checking. We created an Italian lexicon, but the method may be applied to other languages too.

Best, Eros Zanchetta

Farhad Atghiaee wrote:
> dear members
> i am now developing a lexicon for a Machine Translation system.
> if anybody knows a helpful source or data i would appreciate it.
> as an example, suppose we want to gather all English verbs and their
> conjugations, is there a resource for it?
> regards

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