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Nicole nadamides
Thu Apr 2 15:49:43 CEST 2009

TRANSLATING AND THE COMPUTER 31 19-20 November 2009, at the Congress Centre, London

w <http://www.aslib.com/conferences> ww.aslib.com/conferences

An ASLIB conference supported by BCS Natural Language Translation Specialist Group , European Association for Machine Translation , International Association for Machine Translation, Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

This will be the thirty-first conference in the series. The Aslib event draws together a diverse group of delegates, who gain new insights and brainstorm ideas on the use of information technology for translation. In general, the areas looked at are:

* language resources exchange

* tools, technologies and standards

* web-based collaboration models

* translation process control

This call for papers invites abstracts of papers to be presented at the conference. Talks are slanted towards a practitioner's point of view, even when dealing with the latest product developments and theoretical research. The papers (and the presentations) should focus on the user aspects of translation or translation-related software. Presentations accompanied by demonstrations are especially welcome. A list of possible topics appears below.

The conference is a meeting point for translation professionals from:

* large multinational institutions such as the European Commission, the United Nations

* translation agencies across the world

* professional translators

* tools and technology developers

* translation and localisation researcher


The range of topics includes (but is not limited to):

* use of MT systems

* CAT tools including TM and various translation aids

* controlled languages and their use in MT

* speech translation

* terminology

* localisation

* multilingual document management/workflow

* case studies of technology-based solutions

* the Internet and translation aids/services

* Application of XML tools and XML standards

* Project Management

* quality assurance tools

* workflow systems

* resources for translation including corpora

* Integrated MT TM and terminology systems

* Standardization / normalization in the industry

* Corpus -based translation studies investigations

* Voice recognition systems

* Training possibilities for Translators

* Translation/Localisation in emerging markets/ non-European/ US context

* Open Source Software/ Workflow and implications

* TM Copyright Issues

* Practical experiences in transfer of terminology data from one format to another (MultiTerm, NTRF, etc)

* Language Services of International Organisations

* Exchange between terminology, lexicography and MT-lexicons

* Term extractions - tools and technologies

* Statistical MT with case studies on cost savings

* Hybrid solutions in practice including post-editing

* e-Learning for translators

* Practical and critical experience sharing of system implementation MT/TM workflow

* Wikis and other forms of massive online collaboration in translation

* Exact Translation: problems using tools, requirements

* how to measure the productivity/quality of e-translation

* terminology extraction (automated)

* hybrid machine translation; evaluation of MT

* research in MT and NLP

* post-editing, quality assurance

* bridging language industry and academia

* MT by final users and by translators revising it

* revision aids/tools

* online revision

* use of corpora, reference material

* practical reports on crowdsourcing

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Authors are required to submit an abstract of a MINIMUM of 500 words of the paper they would like to present, together with an outline of the structure of the paper and short biography.

Abstracts should be sent by EMAIL by the 1st July 2009 to: Nicole Adamides, Conference Organiser, Aslib, Email: tc31 at aslib.com <BLOCKED::mailto:tc31 at aslib.com>

The abstracts will be considered by the Programme Chairs, namely: Alain Désilets, National Research Council of Canada; Daniel Grasmick, Lucy Software and Services; Professor Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton; Chris Pyne, SAP; Reinhard Schäler, TILP; and Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Vienna.

The authors of abstracts will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their submissions by 1 August 2009. Speakers' presentations must be submitted by 12 November 2009.

In brief, the deadlines are:

* 1 July 2009 - deadline for abstracts

* 1 August 2009 - all authors will be notified of decisions

* 12 November 2009 - speakers’ presentations to be submitted

* 27 November 2009 - presentations posted on the conference web site in a password protected area

Nicole Adamides, Training Manager ASLIB 207 Davina House, 137-149 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7ET Tel: +44(0)20 7253 3349 Fax: +44(0)20 7490 0577 www.aslib.com <http://www.aslib.com/conferences> /conferences

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