[Corpora-List] Reducing n-gram output

Adam Lopez alopez at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Oct 28 16:21:52 CET 2008

> I was wondering whether anybody is aware of ideas and/or automated
> processes to reduce n-gram output by solving the common problem that
> shorter n-grams can be fragments of larger structures (e.g. the 5-
> gram 'at the end of the' as part of the 6-gram 'at the end of the
> day')
> I am only aware of Paul Rayson's work on c-grams (collapsed-grams).

Suffix trees, suffix arrays, and their relatives are compact data structures following exactly the intuition that smaller strings are substrings of larger ones. They represent all possible n-grams (without limit on n) of a text in space proportional to the length of the text and support efficient retrieval, counting, and other queries on substrings of the text; there is a vast literature on their various applications (and theory linking them to compressibility, etc.).

Whether they are useful for you depends on: 1) your application, and 2) whether your corpus fits in memory (the development of efficient external data structures with these properties is an active research area).


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