[Corpora-List] CFP: ACM TALIP Special Issue on Machine Translation

David Chiang chiang at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 27 19:24:27 CET 2008


ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing

Special Issue on

Machine Translation of Asian Languages

In the field of Asian language processing, translation is a particularly pressing challenge owing to the diversity among the languages of Asia as well as between Asian and Western languages. Yet this challenge also affords the opportunity for new breakthroughs in the search for automatic translation methods that can bridge every language gap. We invite papers on recent advances in machine translation from and into Asian languages. Submissions must not have been previously published, with the exception that substantial extensions of conference papers will be considered. Topics of interest include:

* solutions to translation issues particular to Asian languages

* new translation models, or improvements to translation models,

motivated by Asian languages

* general machine translation research applied to Asian languages

* translation and transliteration of named entities

* interactions between translation and word-segmentation or

morphological processing

* impact of novel resources (parallel corpora, treebanks, linguistic

tools) on machine translation

* spoken language translation for Asian languages

* error analysis and linguistic analysis of problems in Asian

language machine translation

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Papers should be formatted following the style guidelines for the ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (http://www.acm.org/pubs/talip/authors.html#STYLE_GUIDELINES). Please submit papers in PDF format using the web-based submission system Manuscript Central (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/talip). In order to identify the submission as for the special issue, please indicate "This paper is being submitted to the Special Issue on Asian MT" on the Cover Page of the paper.


* Submission deadline: 14 Nov 2008

* Completion of first round of reviews: 23 Dec 2008

* First notification: 31 Dec 2008

* Revisions Due: 15 Feb 2009

* Completion of second round of reviews: 15 Mar 2009

* Notification of final acceptance: 20 Mar 2009

* Final manuscript due: 27 Mar 2009

* Publication date: June 2009 issue of TALIP


* David Chiang, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA

(chiang at isi.edu)

* Philipp Koehn, University of Edinburgh, UK

(pkoehn at inf.ed.ac.uk)

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