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Sven Windisch windisch at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Wed Oct 22 14:07:43 CEST 2008

Dear subscribers of the corpora list.

I'd like to send you the Call for Papers for the 2009 Text Mining Services Conference, which will take place in Leipzig, Germany in March 2009.

Please submit your paper until 20th November, 2008, in electronic form.

Kind regards Sven Windisch Organisation Committee Member

Conference and Workshop on Text Mining Services – TMS, Leipzig 2009

*Workshop: 24-25.3.2009*

*Student Day: 23.3.2009*

*Submission of workshop papers: 20.11.08*

*Author notification: 20.12.2008*

*Publication ready version: 2.2.2009*

*Keynote by Stefan Wrobel, Fraunhofer IAIS, St. Augustin/Bonn*

A necessary precondition for High Tech Services is a systematic and structured acquisition, generation, processing, administration, presentation, reuse, and publication of /contents/. Content services make available the resources and programs needed for that. Public digital text and data resources are linked together and made accessible by common standards. New software architectures integrate digital resources and processing tools like text and data mining to develop new and better content for specific applications.

Text and content mining is of central importance for internet based media services and intelligent search services. These services will be standard for next generation portals. They also form the basis of the so-called E-Humanities. Text Mining services already are of commercial interest for the media and publishing houses, for on-line and off-line journalism, quality analysis and assurance in industries, patent and technology mining, trend mining and trend management, and media and marketing analysis.

The workshop will address and discuss urging research issues and approaches for text mining services as part of the SABRE multi conference focusing on services science in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science <http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/idxeng.html> and the Information Systems Institute <http://www.iwi.uni-leipzig.de/startseite-en?set_language=en&cl=en> as well as the Historisches Seminar <http://www.uni-leipzig.de/histsem/116.html> of the University of Leipzig, University of Applied Science Leipzig <http://www.htwk-leipzig.de/> and the Leipzig Graduate School of Managment (HHL) <http://www.hhl.de/>, together with the German government funded research projects eAQUA (http://www.eaqua.net/), D-SPIN (http://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/dspin/index.shtml), Topic Maps 2.0 Lab (http://www.topicmapslab.de/), and the EU funded project CLARIN (http://www.clarin.eu/). The up-to-date state of the art in text mining services will be presented and discussed amongst representatives both from research and industry as well as different scientific disciplines.


The topics of TMS 2009 include but are not limited to:

- Survey of text mining services and related projects

- Design and engineering of text mining services

- Basic text mining services technologies and architectures

- Language resources and text mining services

- Use of text mining services in the E-Humanities

- Industrialization and standardization of text mining services

- Customer integration in design, delivery and operation

- Business models for text mining services (e.g. pricing, revenue strategies, organization)

- Management and customization of text mining services

- Legal aspects (e.g. assets, intellectual property building, property rights, branding)

TMS 2009 seeks two types of contributions

- Full research papers (english) 10 pages

- Application and development experience papers (industry, E-Humanities) 6 pages

All submitted papers will undergo a rigorous double blind peer review process. Author’s names and addresses must NOT appear in the head of the submitted paper, and self-reference should be in the third person. Preceding the text on the first page only the title of the contribution should be shown without specifying the author(s) and his/their affiliation.

Papers will be selected based on originality, quality, soundness, and relevance. All contributions must be original, not published, accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere.

*Please submit your paper until 20th November, 2008, in electronic form under the conference management system*

www.https://sabreconference.wifa.uni-leipzig.de/frontend <http://www.https//sabreconference.wifa.uni-leipzig.de/frontend>

Publication of accepted contributions

All papers (full research papers, application and development papers) will be published as part of a Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI e.V.) publication series published by Logos.

Selected best papers will be invited to create extended versions for submission to a special issue of an international journal (e.g. Language Technology).

*General Chair*

Gerhard Heyer (Computer Science, University of Leipzig) Charlotte Schubert (Historical Sciences, University of Leipzig) Peter Wittenburg (Computer Science, MPI Nimwegen) Manfred Kirchgeorg (Marketing, Leipzig Graduate School of Management)

*Organisation Committee Members*

Sven Windisch, Volker Boehlke, Marco Büchler, Lutz Maicher

*Program Committee*

Khurshid Ahmad, Computer Science Dept., Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Günter Bentele, Public Relations, University of Leipzig

Chris Biemann, Powerset – Semantic Search Engine, San Francisco, USA

Karsten Böhm, Applied Computer Science, FH Kufstein, Austria

Gerhard Budin, Translation Science, University of Vienny, Austria

Peter Buhr, Electronic Publishing, DIE ZEIT, Hamburg, Germany

Hamish Cunningham, NLP Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK

Gregory Crane, Department of Classics, Tufts University, USA

Werner Dubitzky, Dept. of Bioinformatics, University of Ulster, UK

Maximilian Eibl, Media and Computer Science, University of Chemnitz, Germany

Dieter Fabian, Finanz Informatik GmbH, Hannover, Germany

Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, Computer Science, University of Leipzig, Germany

Christiane Fellbaum, Linguistics and DWDS, Princeton University and BBAW, Potsdam

Jürgen Franke, Text and Data Mining, Daimler Research, Ulm, Germany

Norbert Fuhr, Information Retrieval, Duisburg University, Germany

Christian Galinski, TermNet, Wien, Austria

Juan Garcés, British National Library, London, UK

Eric Gaussier, Computer Science Dept., University of Grenoble, France

Peter Gentsch, Business Intelligence Group and Text Tech GmbH, Berlin

Michael Haller, Institute of Journalism, University of Leipzig, Germany

Andreas Henrich, Computer Science, University of Bamberg, Germany

Gerhard Heyer, NLP Computer Science, University of Leipzig

Erhard Hinrichs, Computational Linguistics, University of Tübingen, Germany

Harald Huber, Chief Developer, USU AG, Möglingen, Germany

Lothar Jonitz, Tetralog – Financial Portals, Munich

Manfred Kirchgeorg, Leipzig Graduate School of Managment (HHL), Germany

Jürgen Krause, GESIS – IZ, Bonn, Germany

Steve Krouwer, CLARIN, Leiden University, NL

Uwe Kulisch, Media and Computer Science, HTWK Leipzig

Alexander Lörch, CID – Content Management Systems, Freigericht, Germany

Alexander Mehler, Text Technologies, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Burkhard Meissner, History Department, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg

Sergej Minor, Chief Linguistic Developer, ONTOS, Moskow, Russia

Dr. Heike Neuroth, SUB Göttingen / Max-Planck-Digital Library, Germany

Gerhard Paaß, Text Mining Group, Fraunhofer IAIS, St. Augustin, Germany

Uwe Quasthoff, NLP Computer Science, University of Leipzig, Germany

Henryk Rybinski, Computer Science, Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw, Poland

Charlotte Schubert, History Department, University of Leizig, Germany

Dirk Specht, Electronic Media, FAZ, Frankfurt, Germany

Torsten Teichert, Marketing, University of Hamburg, Germany

Yorrick Wilks, NLP Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK

Thomas Wagner, Unister GmbH – Internet Portals, Leipzig, Germany

Peter Walde, Group Research Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany

Peter Wittenburg, Computer Science, MPI Nimwegen, NL

Christian Wolff, Media and Information Science, University of Regensburg, Germany

Christa Womser-Hacker, Media and Information Science, University of Hildesheim, Germany

Stefan Wrobel, Fraunhofer IAIS, St. Augustin, Germany

*Conference Links*

http://sabreconference.wifa.uni-leipzig.de/frontend/index.php?folder_id=140 (TMS)

http://sabreconference.wifa.uni-leipzig.de/frontend/index.php (SABRE 2009)

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