[Corpora-List] Ask for information on POS tagging task

wang xiaolin arthur_general at sjtu.edu.cn
Tue Oct 21 05:12:08 CEST 2008

Hello , everyone.

I've started to work on POS tagging recently. I have been following the course of NLTK by Bird, Klein and Loper, and have learned a variety of basic methods including default tagger, regular expression tagger, unigram tagger and n-gram tagger. My problem is whether there is a well-known practical tagger in state-of-art, or any recent surveys that rank all kinds of tagging methods and practical tagging systems. e.g. I used to work on text categorization. I know SVM is (agreed by most persons) the classifier in state-of-art, and Na´ve Bayes is simple and works a little worse than SVM , but still practical. KNN is time consuming in test phrase, and its performance is between the SVM's and Na´ve Bayes'. Sebastiani(2002) give a wonderful survey on this topic. Can anyone give me some equivalent ideas and informations in POS tagging domain ? A lot of thanks.

Best wishes

Arthur Wang

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