[Corpora-List] Frequency dictionaries: request for new titles

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at byu.edu
Thu Oct 16 17:16:20 CEST 2008

Routledge has recently initiated a series of corpus-based frequency dictionaries. The co-editors for this series are Paul Rayson (http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/~paul/) and Mark Davies (http://davies-linguistics.byu.edu/).

To date, the following dictionaries have been published in this series:

German (2005): http://www.routledgelanguages.com/books/A-Frequency-Dictionary-of-German-isbn9780415316330 Spanish (2007): http://www.routledgelanguages.com/books/A-Frequency-Dictionary-of-Spanish-isbn9780415334297 Portuguese (2007): http://www.routledge.com/books/A-Frequency-Dictionary-of-Portuguese-isbn9780415419970

In 2009, dictionaries will be published for the following languages:

Chinese French Arabic (American) English

Discussions are also underway for:

Czech Polish Japanese

In the next 2-4 years, we would also like to publish frequency dictionaries for the following languages:

1. Korean 2. Indonesian 3. Turkish 4. Persian 5. Pashto 6. Italian 7. Latin 8. Greek 9. (Biblical) Hebrew 10. Hindi 11. Urdu 12. Thai 13. Nepali 14. Dutch

We invite proposals from researchers who might be interested in authoring a frequency dictionary for one of these fourteen languages. The basic requirement is that the frequency dictionary be corpus-based, with a corpus that is:

1) large enough to provide accurate frequency data for 3000-5000 lemmas 2) balanced between genres (including some spoken), and 3) accurately tagged and lemmatized.

If you might be interested in submitting a proposal for one of these fourteen languages, or if you would like more information, please contact Mark Davies (mark_davies at byu.edu) or Paul Rayson (rayson at exchange.lancs.ac.uk).

Thanks in advance.

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