[Corpora-List] CfP: 3rd International Workshop on Information Technologies: status and opportunities for the Amazigh

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Wed Oct 8 16:34:39 CEST 2008

[Apologies for multiple postings] ----------------------------------- 3rd International Workshop on Information Technologies: status and opportunities for the Amazigh. November 24 & 25, 2008 Institut Royal de La Culture Amazighe, Rabat, Morocco http://www.ircam.ma/fr/index.php?soc=manif&rd=44 <http://www.ircam.ma/fr/index.php?soc=manif&rd=44>

Submission deadline: October 10, 2008

This Workshop aims to be an occasion to gather researchers and specialists to present work in relation to natural languages in particular the amazighe language. Let us find there an occasion to identify, on the one hand problems to be surmounted so that a language and a particular culture is supported in the NTIC, and on the other hand possible and standard mechanisms to find solutions. Indeed, one of the main aims of this workshop is to discuss steps and means which would allow a harmonious integration of the natural language in computer tools, in particular the amazigh language. It also aims to increase interest of specialists and researchers to the field of human linguistic technologies (TLH) applied to the amazigh. To privilege a profitable exchange, we propose to debate the following axes which integrate theoretical, methodological aspects and practices of :

1. Cultural diversity and NTIC. 2. Data-processing management of the multilingualism 3. Feasibility of the data-processing localization 4. Data-processing standards of treatment of the languages. 5. The data-processing coding of languages 6. Translation tools and techniques applied to the NTIC. 7. Linguistic engineering. 8. Collect and numerical stock management 9. Electronic dictionaries Etc.

The workshop wants to be also an opportunity for experts, researchers and various actors to discuss relative questions with the blooming of the natural language and its integration in the NTIC. The workshop will be as well an occasion to pay a particular homage to the eminent professor LAHBIB ZENKOUAR for his important contribution to the amazigh culture.

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