[Corpora-List] Biomedical corpora annotated with semantic roles

Roser Morante Roser.Morante at ua.ac.be
Fri Oct 3 14:46:38 CEST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for corpora of biomedical texts annotated with semantic roles.

I am aware of the existence of BioProp, described in Tzong-Han Tsai et al. (2006), and of a 10.000 abstract corpus described in Kogan et al. (2005), but I wasn't able to find on the web if they are publicly available.

Does someone have more information about these corpora?


Kogan et al. (2005) Towards semantic role labeling & IE in the medical literature. Proceedings of AMIA 2005.

Tzong-Han Tsai et al. (2006) BIOSMILE: Adapting semantic role labeling for biomedical verbs: an exponential model coupled with automatically generated template features. Proc. of the BioNLP Workshop on Linking Natural Language Processing and Biology at HLT-NAACL'06.

Thanks for your help,

Roser Morante

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