[Corpora-List] Wanted: info on audio-visual corpora

Paul Thompson p.a.thompson at reading.ac.uk
Sun Nov 30 15:14:23 CET 2008

I am preparing a chapter on 'Creating audio-visual corpora' and would like to get an idea of what the state of the art is, from a corpus developer's point of view. I am primarily interested in corpus projects in which the developers have linked digital audio and/or video files to the transcripts, to allow access to the precise segment(s) of the audiovisual files that relates to a part of the transcript, but I am also interested in projects where software is being developed to code the audio or video data automatically, for information about gesture, intonation, etc.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone working on any such projects, and I'd like to know what the project is, what the aims are, the technology used, the outcomes and/or applications of the corpus (or software), and whether I can access relevant publications about the project.

Please send your responses to me directly (p.a.thompson at reading.ac.uk) and I will put together a summary of the responses for posting to the list in a week's time.

Many thanks, in anticipation,


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