[Corpora-List] State-of-the-art POS tagging results: A summary

De Pauw Guy guy.depauw at ua.ac.be
Fri Nov 28 15:13:10 CET 2008

Dear Hrafn,

I must have missed your original question. I just wanted to add two more references on taggers for morphologically complex languages, both Bantu:

Northern Sotho: G.-M. de Schryver, G. De Pauw (2007). Dictionary Writing System (DWS) + Corpus Query Package (CQP): The case of TshwaneLex. Lexikos. 17, 226-246

Swahili: G. De Pauw, G-M de Schryver, P.W. Wagacha (2006). Data-driven part-of-speech tagging of Kiswahili. Proceedings of Text, Speech and Dialogue, 9th International Conference. 4188/2006, 197-204

Both papers and demos are available at http://aflat.org



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