[Corpora-List] Full list of irregular English plurals

Ken Litkowski ken at clres.com
Tue Nov 25 15:41:01 CET 2008

The UMLS Specialist lexicon (http://lexsrv3.nlm.nih.gov/SPECIALIST/index.html) contains 350k+ items in its biomedical and *general* lexicon. While most of these items are biomedical, it contains as thorough a coverage of the general lexicon that I'm aware of. And, each item is labeled as to the nature of its plural formation (such as *regular*, *irregular*, or *greco-latin*). And it contains much more, such as subcat patterns for nouns and verbs. And it's free and public.

Yorick Wilks wrote:
> There are on the web samples of the major types of irregular plurals
> in English, but nothing that has any claim to completeness. Does
> anyone know of anything out there reasonable available and complete?
> Yorick Wilks
> Sheffield
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